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Io Viaggio travel tickets

Io viaggio in Famiglia

The title “Io Viaggio in Famiglia” allows travel on public transport throughout Lombardy.

Children under 14 travel for free when accompanied by a family member in possession of a valid ticket or season ticket. The discount applies to children under 14 traveling accompanied by an adult family member (parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers / sisters) in possession of a valid travel document and is also aimed at those who are not resident in Lombardy.

To take advantage of the facility simply fill in the attached form and also available in the main ticket offices, information points and websites of transport companies.
The form signed and accompanied by a document of identity of the minor, is enough to travel free of charge for 60 days.  No validation is required by the Lombardy Region or by the transport companies.
In the case of frequent use of public transport, you can request the free I travel card with your family.
The card is in name and on the back is a list of the escorts who, with a valid travel document, can travel free of charge the girl/ or public transport in Lombardy.
The card issued by a transport company is valid for all transport companies in Lombardy, then on all means of transport in Lombardy and expires at the end of 14 years of age of the girl/ o.
The card can be requested online on the Trenord website.

Io viaggio in Famiglia -discount on the subscription for families with more children

The title “I travel with family – discount on subscriptions for more children” allows you to travel on the route for which the subscription is issued.

Families who purchase multiple monthly and annual passes for public transport for their minor children are entitled to a 20% discount for the purchase of the second pass and free from the third pass onwards. Season tickets are intended for different children, discounts and free tickets are applied to season tickets that have the same time validity (monthly or yearly) even if issued by different transport companies, starting from the least expensive one: by purchasing 2 season tickets, a 20% discount it applies to the subscription that costs less. By purchasing 3 or more season tickets, the free ticket is applied to the season ticket that costs less.

The discount CANNOT be combined with other discounts, such as student passes. Furthermore, it does not apply based on the number of subscriptions but based on the number of children. A single child using public transport is not entitled to “family” discounts.

Io viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia (IVOL)

The title “I travel everywhere in Lombardy” allows those who buy it to travel using any local public transport service in Lombardy.

Intercity and higher category trains, airport connection services, navigation on Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore and tourist cable cars are excluded.

The ticket can be daily, bi-daily, tri-day and multi-day: name title prepared and printed by Trenitalia Le Nord which allows you to travel on all public transport services by road and rail, urban and extra-urban in the Lombardy Region.rnrnThe subscription can be monthly, quarterly, annual: passes that allow you to use all road and rail transport services (2nd class), urban and extra-urban in the Lombardy Region, with the only exceptions already provided for the annual CRT. It can be used in conjunction with monthly CartaPlus Lombardia to access IC-EC and similar trains, Malpensa Express and first class regional trains.

Io viaggio Ovunque in Provincia (IVOP)

The title “I travel everywhere in the Province” allows those who buy it to travel using any local public transport service in the province for which it was issued.

Intercity and higher category trains, airport connection services, navigation on Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore and tourist cable cars are excluded.

The subscription “Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia” is an integrated monthly designed for those who use more public transport to reach two locations in the same province. IVOP has different rates for different provincial areas.

All the information regarding the request and documents necessary to take advantage of the I family travel facilities; the characteristics and methods of use of the IVOL and IVOP titles; the costs of the IVOL and IVOP titles, can be found at the following address:


  • Terminal Arriva Italia: piazzale Marconi 4 – Bergamo
  • Rivendita tabacchi Zambetti: piazzale Marconi, 4 – Bergamo
  • Rivendita tabacchi Dream: piazzale Marconi 7 – Bergamo
  • ATB Point: largo Porta Nuova, 1 – Bergamo
  • Locatelli Autoservizi: via Furietti, 15 – Bergamo
  • Zani Viaggi: via Magni, 2A- Bergamo
  • Rivendita tabacchi Ripamonti: via Marconi, 18 – Seriate
  • Rivendita tabacchi Zanga: via Suardi, 16 – Montello
  • Rivendita tabacchi Gugolati: via Battisti, 27 – Chiuduno
  • Locatelli Autoservizi: via Toscanini, 6 – Bonate Sopra
  • Rivendita tabacchi La Rocca: via De Micheli, 37 – Covo
  • Bar La Fenice – via Calvi, 14 – Romano di Lombardia
  • SAI Autolinee: via Crespi, 1992 – Fara Gera d’Adda
  • Sede di Lecco: via della Pergola,2- Lecco
  • Edicola Galli – piazza Lega Lombarda, 14 – Lecco
  • Edicola Reedbook: piazza Lega Lombarda, 9 – Lecco
  • Cartolibreria Bosisio: via Europa, 13 – Oggiono
  • Rivendita Tabacchi Redi: piazza Carcano, 9 – Mandello del Lario
  • Bar Centrale: via Manzoni, 1 – Mandello del Lario
  • Bar Stazione: via XX Settembre, 63 – Bellano
  • Rivendita tabacchi LC: VIA Arosio, 14 – Monza
  • Edicola Macarri: piazza I Maggio – Sesto San Giovanni
  • Autostazione Brescia: viale Stazione, 14 – Brescia
  • Autostazione via Solferino: via Solferino, 6 – Brescia
  • Bar Tolotti: via Nazionale 94 – Malonno
  • Bar Baraonda: via Nazionale 27 – Cedegolo
  • Cartolibreria D&D: piazzale Einaudi, 4 – Darfo Boario
  • Edicola De Mizio: piazza I Maggio – Sesto San Giovanni

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Yes, the IVOP and IVOL tickets are also valid on Arriva vehicles that perform scheduled public transport services with the exception of vehicles that perform tourist services (eg. Sea Lines) for which it is necessary to have a special travel document valid for the specific path.

The monthly IVOP is always valid from the first of the month for which it was issued until the last day of the same month.

If you have purchased a regional travel document in order to travel in good standing, you must always carry with you the charging receipt or payment receipt of the purchase of the subscription and the identification card “I travel”.

At the moment we do not manage the purchase of reduced subscriptions through the web portal and it is therefore necessary to contact directly at our counter with the necessary documentation.