Discover Valsassina by bus - Arriva Italia - Bergamo
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Discover the Valsassina

Arriva Italia increases frequency for the summer

Active from June 20

Thanks to a more frequent service, reaching the main places for trekking and hiking has never been easier!

Reach Lecco, Varenna, Bellano by train and reach by bus the most popular locations in Valsassina!

Discover the integrated ticket, purchase it on Trenord resales channels at 14€ and make a sustainabile choice!


Reach the main tourist resorts of Valsassina even more easily:

  • Esino
  • Margno
  • Barzio (funivia Piani di Bobbio)
  • Moggio
  • Premana
  • Pasturo
  • Introbio

Discover the timetable:

Bus-train integrated ticket

Thanks to the integrated Arriva Italia-Trenord ticket you can travel from all over the Lombardy region to Valsassina for only € 14!

The ticket allows you to leave from any station in Lombardy for Lecco, Varenna, Bellano and make the interchange with the Arriva Italia lines up to the final destination. The title is valid on the day of validation, for an adult accompanied by children from the same family (up to 14 years of age).

Reaching the Grigne or the plans of Bobbio has never been so easy!

Milk museum

The Milk Museum, established with the task of preserving and handing down artifacts and traditions related to the life and material culture of Muggiasca, is located in the municipality of Vendrogno.

To visit it, reach Bellano by train and then take the D26!

Ethnographic museum

The Premana Ethnographic Museum tells a story more than 2,000 years long told by the rich collection of objects, tools, clothes, and implements of the life and agro-pastoral culture of an Alpine community.

Reach it with the D35 from Lecco or with the D27 from Bellano!

Grigne Museum

Grigne Museum of Esino Lario contains important collections that tell the story of man and territories through the passage of centuries.

Visit it with the D21!

The beauty of the nature in Valsassina

Piani di Bobbio

Enjoy a hiking morning at Piani di Bobbio!

From Lecco take the D35 (direction Barzio/Moggio)and, from Barzio, take the cableway to the mountain!

Piani Resinelli

Reach the Grigne massif starting from Piani Resinelli: walks for all tastes and breathtaking views!

To get there from Lecco D35 until Ballabio and then proceed with the linea 7.

Troggia Waterfall

The Troggia Waterfall is on eof the easiest and most spectacular hikes in the area, offering a majestic display of nature!

Reach it with the D35, leaving in Introbio and walking there!