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To go on mountain is better the bus!

A bus that crosses three provinces, starting from Sesto San Giovanni and arriving at Ponte di Legno

*Service is suspended on 25 December

Sport in Ponte di Legno

Ponte di Legno is the perfect place to go if you are a mountain-loving sportsman.
In winter, in addiction to traditional skiing, you can try extreme sports and unique experiences surrounded by nature.
In summer, however, you can go trekking, via ferrata, multi-say trips, climbing and biking trails.

From Sesto San Giovanni to Ponte di Legno

BS1 is an Arriva special line that connect Sesto San Giovanni (MI) to Ponte di Legno (BS), passing also from the airport of Orio al Serio.
Over 30 are the intermediate stops, in the main locations crossed by the bus.
In Trescore Balneario and Darfo Boario you will find the Thermae where you can take a relaxing and curative break, or you can visit the characteristic villages on the lake such as Endine, Ranzanico, Costa Volpino and Lovere. And then come the land of Camuni, with rock carvings, and then climb up to the mountain resorts, like the famous Ponte di Legno.